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Shocking Photos: The heartbreaking Condition of Ibadan airport

Written by eye witness,

The condition of this Ibadan airport is indubitably shocking, sickening, alarming and discouraging. Appears like a phantom town driving through the entryways of the Ibadan airport with the presence of dogs serving break on the opposite side of the street. Getting to the landing/takeoff region, simply a lack of air terminal staff are visible. Can’t believe I needed to write my name on a sheet of paper as a type of roll call to the aerial shuttle authorities on arrival before checking in with no hint of power in the open room alluded to as “parlor”, the 2hrs 30mins postponement by Arik air was at that point foreseen so it wasn’t unusual to get deferred with no conciliatory sentiment, a result of a fizzled framework which we’ve found ourselves.

This is 2015 for the love of all that is pure and holy, the Ibadan airport eatery can be contrasted with a lousy eighteenth century mushroom desk area, which can just brag of eba/semo and ogbonna soup prepared for consumption.

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