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Presidential spokesperson Reuben Abati unmasks #BringBackOurGirls or #BBOG’s Plan


This is not new really, as a political scientist by the name Balogun Adesina once revealed that BringBackOurGirls is specifically to remove GEJ just  the same way they did during the removal of Yanokowich of Ukraine to instal Western favourite Puppet. The U.S and western counterparts, celebrities were supporting/marketing and trowing placards everywhere then to support a Quo D’etat in Ukraine.

Now the question is. Is APC party full of Western Puppets? The likes of Tinubu with a very bad U.S criminal record put together with Buhari ( Fulani- British/Western history in Nigeria not Hausa)

“For Nigeria to move ahead, we must excrete all the puppets or surrogates installed into our system”. It is after excreting all these forces we will enjoy full development and we have been fighting these forces since our independence, first was Biafran war, followed by MEND(OBJ genocide) and Now B’haram”, says a political scientist Balogun Adesina.

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