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After 77 Years Of US Occupation, Half Of Japanese Girls Deformed

by Thorsten J. Pattberg for Ooduarere via the Saker Blog

The Island Nation Of Japan Is A Model Colony Of The US Empire of Sanctions [And Lies]. Their Media Keep Silent About The Deliberate Altering Of The Japanese Anatomy. Brace Yourself…

[Reader discretion advised: Stories from US-occupied Japan can cause long covid and fear of crooked limbs. This is part 2 out of 4 of a series.]

Part 2. The X-Kyaku Or Deformed Underclass.

A trained social scientist walks on any main street and is able to infer from the looks of the people their social class, and he does so not from studying their grace, hygiene and klunker, but from their unforgiving bodies.

In Japan, the body modification of the underclass is straightforward. The underclasses have bent legs, crooked teeth and their height is severely stunted.

These deliberate body modifications start in state nurseries and elementary schools for the masses. Smallest children are forced to sit with their legs bent outwards on the floor, and later hunch over the tiniest tables that bow their spines forward. This does irreparable damage to their knees, hips and backbone.

In those underclass schools, the children often work more than they learn to think, from 8 o‘clock in the morning to 17 o‘clock in the evening. The children must clean the school, clean the floors only with towels, clean the toilets, serve the dishes, stand around for hours, bow their heads a thousand times a day and hurt their neck spine.

It takes our social scientist 2 seconds, from the looks of a group of 15-years old pupils, to see to which class of society they belong. The underclasses by that age are already formidable cripples.

Now, before we go in more detail about Japan‘s deformed underclass, we should briefly remind ourselves that Japan is not the only primitive society that practices such horrible body modifications.

The Chinese rulers in the last century inflicted horrible damage to the feet of their womenfolk. Foot binding affected millions of poor households. Their parents were told that if they bind the toes of their daughters under the balm of their feet, the girls would look pretty and attract wealthy men.

These female cripples, dressed like living dolls, could indeed be spotted from miles away. They could not run or jump towards you, just tipple.

The ruling classes in all cultures are obsessed with modifying the bodies of their walking property. From branding for ownership or mass circumcision for alleged health reasons to body piercings, skin markings or overuse of certain body parts that show.

This is true even in today‘s England, where the latest dead giveaways of the proles are heavy body tattoos all over their limbs and backs and necks, let alone face and genital piercings and—this goes all the way back to slavery—dark tan and muscular bodies. The low class men literally look like slaves.

Sure, some rare specimens are selected and elevated to idols for the proles, like David Beckham the soccer player. But tens of millions of his social mores are not.

Japan is much the same of course. The Japanese ruling classes love to entertain the masses. They ask in the countryside and remote villages and pick the biggest boys they can find to join a Tokyo sumo stall. There, the young wrestlers bend and stretch and are fed six kilograms of rice and fatty fish each day for ten years, until they are so obese the fight like sea cows.

Anthropologists used to study body modifications in African and Asian tribes. Elongated necks, sharpened teeth, deliberate scars. Tribes were thought to mark each of their members permanently, so that they could never leave.

When tribes grew bigger or conquered inferior tribes, their body modifications were the markers of inferiority, clearly distinguishable from the founding tribe, and so on. [It is entirely possible that the races are also classes of humans, but this on a side note.]

Take baldness in modern Europeans. European adult men are overwhelmingly bald. Only the rulers are never bald. First the French elites, then the English elites, in the 17th century, introduced hair pieces or “wigs” to all higher positions, from parliamentarians to judges, from nobility to medical doctors… and even actors, because actors played those elites on stage.

Later in the 18th and 19th centuries, the ruling classes wore surrogate hair pieces (from young donors) and designed the most elaborate hats—bowler hats, bonnets, toques, huge cylindrical top hats—and started the first experiments with hair transplants.

In America today, the elites all undergo expensive hair treatments and transplants. This all means that seeing an unashamedly bald American man on main street probably indicates his low social class.

Now from main street to the metro system in Tokyo that transports Japan‘s low classes from one place to the next place.

On the metro line we are immediately overwhelmed by the sheer numbers of body modifications such as crooked legs, bad teeth, short heights, but also other visuals such as colored hair, working class uniforms and cosplay. All those looks are sure signs of the Japanese underclass.

For one, the ruling class does not use overcrowded public transport systems—ever. The rulers ride taxis or company limousines with chauffeurs, own two three four private cars, and even fly helicopters and 1st class air service and private jets.

Foreign propaganda makes it look as if all Japanese use cheap public cattle transport all the time, I know. Long live socialism! But Tokyo really has 3 million registered cars, and oligarchs and top cadres don‘t use public buses or the tram, period.

[I know a finance minister, a Korean SK conglomerate CEO and two German ambassadors who never took the underground, but maybe the Japanese Emperor Naruhito does it and I just never met him, who knows.]

So, absent the upper class, here‘s how our social scientist in the Tokyo metro system can tell apart the middle class people from the lower class people:

First, there are hardly ever any bums and hobos or city peasantry on these trains. Just like the social welfare classes in European cities, those people hardly ever leave their suburbs or districts where they were born.

If they do have to travel to the city center by metro, this is basically a big holiday trip for them, like going window shopping in Shibuya or to the zoo in Ueno.

The vast majority of the commuters on the public train system are managerial workers. Even laborers such as electricians, masons or car mechanics obviously need their tools and cars and therefore will not ride public buses or trains.

So we are left with salary men and women. Those are the low-paid worker drones, from salesperson to office clerks to all sorts of minimum wage jobs. They wear typical salaryman suits and ties, with wrist watches on display, leather shoes and bags and cheap $3 translucent plastic umbrellas.

There are strong hierarchies in Japan within each company or governmental department. These hierarchies can be read from the qualities of the fabrics of their clothes, the exclusivity of their leather shoes and the luxuriousness of their brand watches.

The dress code is the most brutal for the normies and the averages in society. The untrained eye sees uniformity, while the eye of our trained social scientist sees a clear gradation: Suits from Hankyu or Aoyama Trading for job interviews, beginners and freelancers; Suits from Isetan or Matsuya department stores for long term employees and middle management; Suits from United Arrows for foreigners or overseas turtles; Tailor-made suits made in Ginza or Omotesando for senior management.

All Japanese salary men screen each other’s watches, briefcases, belts and shoe-wear for clues of social status. We don‘t need to discuss the intrinsicalities here in detail because brands will change. As a general rule, if an employee makes a mistake and dresses above his salary station, his bosses and colleagues will immediately cut him back to size.

Tourists and foreign guests who use the public transport system are completely unaware that they are sharing it with the low-class Japanese.

So they are looking at those worker drones and non-haves and find them… extremely fashionable, individualistic and creative. They are not. They can‘t even afford a car and they are coping.

And then, those foreign visitors look at the legs of the Japanese underclass women.

Now there is something to look at. About half of Japanese females have mildly to horribly deformed kyaku—bowlegs. Ugly, twisted, with their ankles spaced apart and their toes almost pointing backwards.

We have to “thank” all those Japanese pediatricians and health officials for this, because they believe it‘s cute and beautiful. You can clearly see their motives from looking at those images of lower teen models and idols all over Japan, in art and film and advertisement: Some of the girls can‘t even walk properly, but who gives.

Next are Japanese crooked teeth or yaeba—double parlance. This is one of the most disturbing sights in Japan, and onlookers can‘t help staring at these horrible spikes and double rows of twisted canines.

The medical reason for this is that Japanese chins are incredibly narrow, especially in girls. But adult humans have 32 teeth, right, too many for Japanese, so early intervention is necessary—universally—or else their nasty dents grow twisted and contorted.

Interestingly, the rich Nihon rulers spend 8 billion dollars a year to buy American killer helicopters, but do not provide basic dental care for millions of soon-to-be handicapped children.

On the contrary, the corrupt regime spreads the most horrible propaganda about how x-bow legs are so feminine and cute and how crooked pointers are somehow a sign of luck and fortune. Urgh.

But let us not fall for those fake stories from Buddha Land. Teeth of terror are a clear sign of intellectual poverty and the bodily underclass, and the rulers like to keep it that way because they want to mark those useless people. [This is going to change.]

Japanese brutal body modifications are inexcusable. As a US vassal, Japan is indebted to its American overlords. If Washington smacked the current Kishida regime in the face, by tomorrow Tokyo would stop crooked teeth yaeba and bowleg kyaku in girls, believe it.

Body modifications of the underclasses are rampant all over the world, yes. Maybe blackness is a body modification too, and so is shrinking their brains with short videos and iphone-waves, and that could be the reason why Americans keep silent on Japan—awareness could spill to the West and cause social unrest: The are modifying our anatomy, Jesus Christ!

Alas, the Japanese have a history of unnecessary cruelty. They are cutting living sea animals into pieces and enjoy their meal while the creatures are still moving and twitching. They put their elderly on street corner watch for hours a day, where many go insane.

When I see how the rulers bend and twist the bones of their slave children to resemble Hato fairy creatures, I loose my patience with this regime.

It reminds me of Japanese bonsai culture. Bonsai trees are of course trees clamped and wired and bent to size, which looks so cute and pretty, until you see how it‘s actually done.

A young tree is horribly injured and sliced… to stunt its growth. Every three inches, one inch is cut out and removed, until the trunk bends to an arch, upon which the limbs are fixated with strings and tape.

Those tapes take years before they can be removed, if at all, because the tree rarely regenerates from its wounds. Because of its infant sufferings, it has no energy to develop into a grown-up tree, so it remains… a dwarf. A bonsai dwarf.

This, ladies and gentlemen of the West, the Japanese inflict onto their low class children.

They prevent the growth and the development of proper bone structures and healthy frames through insufficient diet, forced posture, child labor and body modifications that will forever stifle those children‘s full potential.

A crippled body, a crippled mind. Those humiliated, disabled people will forever know their place. It‘s down there in the Japanese underclass, together with the other tortured animals and crying bonsai trees.


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The author is a German writer and cultural critic.

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