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Al-jazeera Films False Flag Fake Chemical Attack In Syria – Russian Media

Al-Jazeera stringers have recently filmed a false flag fake chemical attack against civilians in Syria, the Russian state-run news agency Sputnik reported citing a military and diplomatic source.

“The “effectiveness” of the White Helmets’ TV-spectacle of accusing Syrian authorities of attacking civilians in Khan Shaykhun with sarin inspired terrorists to continue filming the fake ‘series’. According to info confirmed via several channels, al-Jazeera television channel stringers have recently filmed a staged, fake scene of an alleged chemical attack against civilians by the Syrian Army,” Sputnik quoted the source. “A multiple simultaneous uploading of filmed fake footage with ‘screaming’ social media comments was due to take place in the next few days (by Sunday) at the separate command of a mastermind and sponsor of the film in one of the European countries.”

Some 30 fire engines and ambulances, 70 local residents with children were used in the filming across three locations in the province of Idlib, according to the article.

A false flag chemical attack in Idlib is set to allow the US and its allies to expand their operations against the Assad government.

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