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Graphic Pic: Family Rejoice, as Baby With 4 Legs & Arms is Born in India

An infant kid conceived with four arms and four legs is bringing about frenzy in the roads of Baruipur, east India, as local people accept he is the resurrection of a divine being.
The youngster has been named God Boy, as numerous appendages are regular among Hindu gods, and individuals are bridging the area to the city in West Bengal State to get an impression of the tyke. Nearby police grumble they are attempting to control the swarms, as hundreds clatter to get access to the clinic.

The family are excited at their new expansion and see him as the child Hindu God Brahma, who is portrayed with eight appendages.

‘When he first turned out we couldn’t trust it, the medical attendants said he was severely distorted yet I could see that this was a sign from God. Truth be told, this is a supernatural occurrence, its God’s child. Indian God’s have additional appendages much the same as this,’ a relative said.

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