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F-16 fighter jets
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Israeli Jets Attack Syrian Troops in Golan Heights for the 4th Time in a Week

The Israeli Air Forces attacked the Syrian government forces for the foruth time in a week after Syrian projectiles fell on the Israeli-controlled part of the Golan Heights, IDF wrote on Twitter.

​The Israeli aviation attacked Syrian troops for the fourth time in a week in response to a stray projectile that fell on Israeli-controlled Golan Heights, Israel Defense Forces said Friday.

“In response to the projectile launched towards Israel from Syria, IAF aircraft targeted the Syrian military position that fired the mortar,” the IDF said on Twitter.

​For the first time, the Israeli Air Force attacked the Syrian government forces’ tanks and artillery positions on June 24, after 10 projectiles fell on the Israeli-controlled part of the Golan Heights.

“In response to over 10 projectiles launched from Syria, IAF aircraft targeted origin of launches & 2 Syrian tanks,” the IDF stated.

“Due to the unacceptable breach of Israeli sovereignty, an official protest has been filed with UNDOF,” the IDF added.


According to Al Mayadeen channel citing a source, at least two Syrian soldiers were killed in the airstrike.

On June 25, the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) attacked the Syrian army positions for the second time this week after projectiles from Syrian territory again fell in the Israeli-controlled part of the Golan Heights.

“In response to several Syrian projectiles launched towards Israel, IDF targeted 2 Syrian regime artillery positions & an ammunitions truck,” the IDF wrote.

On June 29, Syrian army positions near the village of Samdaniya in the Golan Heights have come under Israeli Air Force rocket fire, a source told Sputnik.

“Israel used a rocket to attack the Syrian army’s positions in eastern Samdaniya near Quneitra,” the source said, adding the rocket hit the army’s mortar detachment but did not cause any casualties.

The majority of such incidents are described by the Israeli military as accidental overspills during clashes between the Syrian government forces and opposition groups.

The Golan Heights, internationally recognized as Syrian territory, was seized by Israel during the Six-Day War in 1967. In 1981, the Israeli parliament voted to annex two-thirds of the region. The United Nations has repeatedly stated that Israel’s occupation of the Golan Heights is illegal, calling for it to be returned to Syria.


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