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Saudi Arabia Does a Gaza in Yemen

by Soraya-Sepehrpour-Ulrich

‘Shared Values’: The Washington – Wahhabi Alliance

Shortly after 911, Washington declared ‘war on terror’ – a war with a death toll of over 2 million innocent lives (not counting America’s drone hunts), the maimed, the refugees, as well as the environmental effects of America’s war on terror. Washington declared al-Qaeda as its number one enemy, a trend continued by Obama who declared ‘war on al-Qaeda’.


Yet Washington is aiding the Wahhabi regime of Saudi Arabia create a safe haven for al-Qaeda by providing intelligence and weaponry to the Wahhabis to kill the Houthis – Defense News described Houthis as the sworn enemies of al-Qaeda terrorists.

Thanks to Washington, the Wahhabi Saudi regime has pounded Yemen, committing mass murder and destroying the infrastructure while imposing a blockade and preventing humanitarian aid from reaching the desperate Yemenis, a situation which can only be paralleled to that of Gaza.

While the United States has provided the means and the political muscle to enable Israel to destroy Gaza in particular and Palestine as a whole, one has to ask why would Washington provide a safe haven to its protecting its sworn enemy — al-Qaeda? My enemies enemy is my enemy thinking?!

This is a question for every human being touched by the ‘war on terror’. It is a question that needs to be posed by American service men and women who now witness their government protecting the enemy they were sent to kill. And for the American tax payers who paid for the senseless wars, the mass murders carried out in their name.

Video link to yesterday’s interview on this subject:

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