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Seized Russian Cargo plane detained by Nigerian military released after France admitted ownership.

The Nigerian military has discharged the confined Russian freight plane which they seized yesterday morning after France admitted responsibility for airplane.
It said that the flight was covered by a diplomatic clearance given by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Abuja, noting that the Autonov 124 Russian business plane was compelled to land at the Kano air terminal due to dense air traffic at Ndjamena airplane terminal, Chad.

An announcement from the French Ambassador to Nigeria, Jacques Champagne de Labriolle, on Sunday, expressed that the Antonov plane needed to divert to an alternate international air terminal and the closest airplane terminal office being Kano, the Russian crew chose to fly there, to refuel, and to take off again to reach Njamena Airport.

He denied that the plane was conveying arms and ammo, stressing  that it was conveying  two light Gazelle helicopters, spare parts and upkeep things fitting in with the French Army. Labriolle further clarified that because of the nationality of the flying machine, and the nature of the cargo, airport authorities in Kano,  chose to check the flight plan, the clearance and the cargo manifest before authorizing the plane to leave.


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