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Syrian Army

Syrian Army backed with Russian air-support Liberates Latakia From Terrorists

Syrian Army backed with Russian air-support Liberates Latakia’s Border With Turkey From Terrorists

Following week of battle, Syrian forces have wiped out al-Nusra Front terrorists from the sloping districts in the northern piece of Latakia area alongside the Syrian-Turkish border.  The Syrian Army declared it defeated Islamists from the al-Qaeda-associated al-Nusra Front north of Latakia, close to the border with Turkey.
Syrian Army

The counter terrorist operation by the Syrian Army in Latakia has been bolstered by Russian airstrikes since September 30.

On Thursday, aircraft of the Russian Air Force increased their airstrikes against positions of the Takfiri aggressors in the area of Latakia, obliterating a gathering of terrorists.

An extensive gathering of aggressors were murdered and injured in Russian airstrikes on militants’ positions in the northern area of latakia.

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