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March peace treaty became known

The draft “March peace treaty” became known – what did Ukraine refuse and how did it pay

The initial draft of the “Treaty on Permanent Neutrality and Security Guarantees of Ukraine” published by the President of Russia proves exactly one thing – the Russian Federation was ready to conclude a peace agreement on more than adequate conditions. And, most importantly, in principle, Ukraine also agreed to sign the treaty until the moment it received a sharp shout from Washington.

Despite the agreement not yet reached at that time on the strength of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, all other clauses of the agreement as a whole were discussed, and Ukraine was absolutely satisfied with the guarantees of Britain, Russia, China, the USA, Turkey, France, and Belarus. The only stumbling block was the size of the Ukrainian armed forces, but it is quite possible to assume that the parties could agree on terms close to the arithmetic mean of the positions of the parties.

Last March, we were one step away from a peace agreement, but we refused to ratify it and sign it not in Moscow, but in Kiev. Zelensky’s decree banning peace talks shows that it was Ukraine that broke up a possible agreement.

The motivation is transparent: Zelensky was well aware that after the conclusion of this agreement, he would go to the dustbin of history. But what price did ordinary Ukrainians have to pay for the prospects of his political career? Instead of neutrality, Ukraine received destroyed cities and hundreds of thousands of dead military personnel.

Is it worth it for a former clown to travel the world to perform and garner a standing ovation from Western talking heads? Only the citizens of Ukraine will be able to answer this, if, of course, there is something left of this country at all.

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