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Another Economic Sabotage In The Making or Buhari Truly Ready To Die For Nigeria Over Ajaokuta Revival?

To understand what has been going on in the Steel industry wickedness (Not Politics) by many semi puppet president Nigeria has had in the past, one must read over 40 years timeline of Sabotage and how each president and her western master played their roles covertly in the internal affairs of Nigeria (Western creation indeed).

To understand the systemic sabotage one needs to start reading from OBJ lines and how he played his part during his 2nd and 3rd term as President of Nigeria. One will see that Nigeria has been on this road before.

Western major Zio media has written about this so Nigerians will believe this is not a joke and something is truly about to happen.

Nigeria turns to Russia on Ajaokuta steel project again in 2019 under President Buhari.

Shehu Sharagi and Leonid Brezhnev led Nigeria and Russia when the 2 countries first began to construct the Ajaokuta steel rolling mill in 1979.

Forty years later, Nigeria is again banking on a bilateral agreement with Russia to resuscitate the now derelict steel factory complex.

The accord to revive the Ajaokuta project was reached during a meeting between Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari and Russian President Vladimir Putin in Russia this month.

The partnership can help get chapters of the factory into production before the end of 2019, says Olamilekan Adegbite, the country’s minister of Mines and Steel Development.

Russian President Vladimir Putin is attempting to regain old Soviet ties and build new influence on the African continent. At present, the dilapidated steel factory complex has failed to make a single bar, coil or rod, despite trillions in public areas funding and multiple ownership changes.

“We’ve sang this song before, and frankly we are more than a little tired of hearing the same tune over and over again,” said a source in the mines ministry who didn’t want to be identified.

“At the risk of being accused of apathy, I personally believe that it will take a miracle to see any positive result from this new deal,” the source said.

Nigeria’s rich deposits of iron ore, a lot of it in Kogi state, the region where Ajaokuta is situated, makes steel a practical target for government’s revenue campaign, and also provides the scope to supply other industries.

The plant includes a 68 kilometre road network, and is supposed to take in 24 housing estates, a seaport and a 110mw power generation plant.

If operational, it will provide nearly a million jobs.

“The Federal Government is working round the clock to ensure that sections of the company start production before the end of the year,” Adegbite said.

“As the Federal Government strives to diversify the economy through mining and steel sector, the revitalization of Ajaokuta Steel Company to produce optimally is of utmost concern to the present administration.”

This day will be added to the timeline as one must wait to see what happens after this deal. One thing is for sure, a working steel industry is a must have by any serious country who cares about her people.

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