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Naija Politics Today: Tinubu is the Connect, while Atiku, Sowore and Obi are Distros, Rest Primeras

If you watched the Netflix series “in the show”, you will hear words lik, the “connect”, “Distro”, and “Primeras”. When you propagate the film into the political structure of Nigeria without using the term “Drug Dealers”, one could only come to a certain conclusion about the current election and what other parties or candidates represent.

Take, for instance, the two major Distro in the series by the street name Tommy and Ghost. They were the major distributor of “drugs” who depended on the “connect” to run their business successfully.
And the “connect” often as expected was propagated as usual to be one bad Italian, European or Russian rather than U.S. The U.S is always propagated as the good guys, trying to catch the bad guys or trying to save the world.

Going back to the Political structure of Nigeria, we could call the part Ghost and Tommy played to be directly in line with the likes of Atiku, Sowore, and Obi. These three need the connection to run their business successfully, while the connection here is not Russian or Serbian but the U.S. or the west connection.

Meanwhile, Tinubu in the current political structure is the connect himself who may not necessarily depend on any kind of higher connection to run his Business.

One could argue Tinubu’s PPP (private public partnership) initiative in Lagos, a socialist economic idealogy borrowed from China is what makes him stand slightly different from the rest contestants. This is why I called the rest contestants Primeras cos none of them has the financial capability or moral authority to run a socialist government successfully. Tinubu either has no such political will given the fact and figures in Nigeria. You cannot run a Socialist government in the current state of Nigeria.

No cheap Energy, no industrialization. So Nigeria is discapacitated in such regard to run any socialist government except you want to be like Ireland or Nederlands where debt per head is $200,000 to $400,000. Guess who you will owe all that too? The same puppet master. The western elites or the Globalist.

A more realistic approach which is pre-Chinese civil war would be to have the connect in charge of the Polity until you manage to industrialize, then civil upraising may then be fit to remove the elite government and continue to run the affairs in a socialist setting. No a soviet socialist setting that was engineered by the same west but a real Chinese Socialist movement.

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