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The Rise of a New Wealthy Empire and the need for containment In Africa –

This is a nice and rich place that the West ( US Central Bank, Wall Street corporations, E.U. corporations, and their institutions ) want to contain. See more pics, video and continue reading bellow.

Since Nigeria has become the largest economy of Africa by surpassing South Africa/Azania, projected to be Africa’s first trillion dollars economy and by using to decrease its dollar reserve and developing more trade and economic relationships with the BRICS ( Brazil, Russia, China, India, South Africa), Iran, Turkey, many others African countries, the West has created the Boko Haram to destabilize not only Nigeria but the entire west African region. It is the same thing USA,UK and France is doing in Syria by creating ISIS to overthrow Assad, the President of Syria. It is the same thing the West is doing in Ukraine by supporting the Nazi government there to attack Russia. The African people must take their responsibility to bare the West to destabilize their countries.

~Nimba Tiannimbo Mhaata

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International political activist, public commentator, Political scientist and a law abiding citizen of Nigeria. Famous Quote ---> "AngloZionist Empire = Anglo America + Anglo Saxon + the Zionist Israel + All their Pamement Puppets (E.g all the countries in NATO,Saudi Arabia,Japan,Qatar..) +Temporary Puppets (E.g Boko haram, Deash, alQeda,ISIL,IS,...)"

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