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Do as I Tell You: Puppet master, US Senate Gives Direct Orders to Ukrainian PM Yatsenyuk

Obscure hackers released a letter tended to Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk from US Senator Richard Durbin, guaranteeing bolster and instructing him which key officials ought to and shouldn’t stay in office.

The letter was distributed on Facebook page of Leonid Kozhara, Ukraine’s previous Minister of Foreign Affairs. Kozhara replicated the letter from the site news-front.info, which thus got it from the site of hacker gathering cyberguerilla.org. The source said that the first document was professedly gotten by the hacker group Anonymous.

The leaked document shows Washington’s clear interference into the domestic issues of Ukraine. US Senators literally stand behind every decision that the Ukrainian Prime Minister makes. Washington doesn’t merely advise Yatsenyuk, it makes decisions for him. The Prime Minister’s job seems to be quite easy — to simply do as he’s told.

In the letter, Durbin guaranteed Yatseniuk that the US Senate was still behind him and was concerned by Poroshenko’s late evacuation of some key political figures. The US Senate additionally needs Yatsenuyk to keep certain people in the workplace.

“It is necessary to invest every effort to keep Oleksiy Pavlenko in his office of Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food. His discharge will create additional obstacles on the way of widening cooperation between the US and Ukrainian agricultural companies,” the letter said. At the same time, US Senators told Yatsenyuk not to appoint certain individuals to certain positions: “Majority of the Senators agree that neither Mr. Demchyshyn, nor Mr. Kostyuk meets the job requirements.”

Ось хто справжні кукловоди сучасної української політики. 🙁

Posted by Leonid Kozhara on Friday, July 3, 2015

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