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Checkout Top 5 Money Saving DIY

DIY: Checkout Top 5 Money Saving Swimming Pool Repairs

1) DIY Heaters.

When you have a vintage swimming pool heater that stops working it might be time for you to look at a new DIY heating option. Gas heaters are extremely expensive to work. So shifting to solar heating could save lots of money. Solar installation is super easy concerning the configuration of the yard and house. The particular solar panels themselves may be installed by almost anyone in one day. The harder part of installing solar heaters is obtaining the water to and from the panels which can be installed on the roof of the home or pool shed.

Within a weekend with minimal tools and effort, you can eliminate your pool heating costs. Pool solar heaters are becoming more effective and can dramatically warm swimming temperatures. The best method is to have both gas &solar heating to prolong the swimming season along with reducing operating costs.

2) Pumps.

When you have a vintage solar swimming pool pump that’ll not start at the beginning of the pool season you should not require a new pump just yet. Let’s assume that the pump has electricity supplied to it properly. A swimming pool motor may hum whenever you turn it on, but, not pumping. In this situation, you can look at hitting the casing of the motor with a plastic mallet or a bit of wood. The shock force to do that is often enough to have an old and worn pump moving. When the pump is moving it will probably run for another pool season if you don’t shut it off. This could offer you another year to service or replace your aging pool pump.

3) Dye Test.

A dye test may be performed by any pool professional. A DIY method of dye testing is achievable by utilizing the red liquid droplets from a swimming water testing kit. Anywhere you suspect there can be a leak you can squirt several droplets of the red dye around. Watch the red dye to see when it gets sucked out through the suspected leaking area. This test should be performed once the pool water can be as calm as you can

4) Liner Replacement.

If you are a DIY guru then you might potentially save a large sum of money by installing your replacement vinyl liner. This can be a relatively extensive process that needs few tools and may be completed through the weekend with some preparation. You must research this subject well and follow an online tutorial if you want to install your liner. You may also order your liner online based on where your home is, at or near wholesale cost, further increasing the savings. The average in-ground vinyl liner replacement may cost around $3000. By carrying it out yourself you can certainly do the same work for as low as $1000-$2000

5) DIY Filter.

One of the very common service items for pool filters could be the replacement of the filter sand itself. The filter sand weighs a couple of hundred pounds when dry and a great deal more when wet. The procedure of removing the old sand from the filter can be extremely difficult but otherwise. This can be a super easy DIY repair. The key to removing the old sand would be to drain the filter a couple of days beforehand. This is done by opening the utmost effective port by detaching the dial valve along with the underneath drain plug.

This may allow a lot of the water weight to drain from the sand. Then you’re able to make use of a wet-dry shop vacuum to suck out the old sand. This can be a relatively slow process but a simple one. In contrast to digging countless pounds of old and dirty sand from your filter with a small shovel. This may also reduce steadily the likelihood of damaging the laterals at the end of the filter considering that the vacuum won’t damage them like digging out the sand can.

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