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Ajé, Òrìṣà Of Wealth

Ajé is the Yoruba divinity of abundance. It is the divinity of money. I flunked my first Ajé test. I passed subsequent ones, but I flunked the first at age 5. My mother said, “Moyo, go into my handbag. You’ll ...

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Who is Orisa Aje How does it work?

In Yoruba culture and spirituality Orisa Aje is known as female offspring of Olokun. Hence Orisa Aje is been refer to as Aje Olokun ,better put in Ifa spiritual parlance Aje Olokun Seni Ade.It is believe in Yoruba spirituality that ...

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Iwure AJE

Iwure AJE Toni. Aje wa fii ile mii se ibugbe ❗❗❗ Aje iwo lobi Ogun ilu Aje iwo lobi Olufa Aje iwo lobi onipasan owere Oyale asin win bear asin win dolowo Oyale asi were oso asi were di aniyan-pataki Aje ...

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Where Does Aje, The Goddess Of Wealth, Prosperity, Peace, Abundance, Provision And Plenty Reside?

The divine mother and goddess of fortune and wealth resides on our tongue. On our tongue is the abiding dwelling place that Aje, the goddess of wealth, health, harmony, fortunate opportunity and satisfaction resides upon and within. On our tongue ...

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