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Who is Orisa Aje How does it work?

In Yoruba culture and spirituality Orisa Aje is known as female offspring of Olokun. Hence Orisa Aje is been refer to as Aje Olokun ,better put in Ifa spiritual parlance Aje Olokun Seni Ade.It is believe in Yoruba spirituality that Orisa Aje is the spiritual energy that is in charge and control of creation and maintenance of wealth. It is deemed to be the spiritual energy and force in charge of trade, commerce, finance and other economic and financial related activities. It is believed that the spiritual energy of Orisa Aje is feminine. As a result of the important of the nature of this Orisa energy. From time immemorial people have always try to create nexus between them and Orisa Aje to be able to live a life free from financial stress.

The method to achieve this is through veneration or consecration of Orisa Aje element. Usually this element is usually in term of consecrated cowries, sea shell, gold coins or any form of coins or even paper currency, or any durable items that have been used has symbol for exchange of value at any period of time in the history of human being can be consecrate as symbol of Orisa Aje element.

How does Orisa Aje Energy Works?

In my years of practice, It have taken me a lot effort to explain what Orisa Aje represent and how it work to people ,ranging from clients , even to most practicing Babalawo and Ifa devotees regardless of age whether Young or Old ,some don’t know how this element work, It is not their fault anyway, your age or religion orientation will not tell you what you don’t know,only the knowledge and experience of it will. Most people usually believe Orisa Aje element is all about you seeing free money or currency at your home or getting the money you don’t work for. I am using this medium to tell you that Orisa Aje energy is not Ogun Owo(The popular Money ritual).

Orisa Aje is just a facilitator of wealth creation that will make you experience spiritual buoyancy and prosperity based on the service or value you can offer for the benefit of other human being in return for money they will give you. What the element will do is to make your fellow human being to deal in the way you want to deal so that money can flow from them to you in exchange of value, good or service you will offer them wish will be of benefit to them. Hence items normally use for consecration and making of Aje element as always be anything that is use as a symbol of exchange such as cowries, minted coins, sea shell ,durable paper currency etc.

A genuine Babalawo must not involve in using human being for ritual or money making ritual which is the trending thing in most spiritual practice in todays world, those who do such and claim they are Babalawo are either fraudster who hide under the guise of Ifa spirituality to perpetrate evil, and they are cursed. Dont deal with them they are evil and evil will follow them and those who deal with them, either they call their selves Babalawo, alfa-muslim cleric or woli –prophets or pastor ,evil will always follow the evil doer in whateever guise they use to practice it. So Orisa Aje will not bring cash notes on your table unless you have business venture or work you engage in, no free money anywhere don’t be deceived.


How do I know that I am in need of Orisa Aje Element?

The truth is that anybody who have attain the age that know the use of money can have Orisa Aje element. But in most cases It can be reveal to some people through Idafa (Ifa consultation that they need to venerate or have Aje element).And many people do voluntarily ask for Orisa Aje element for their personal use or their business.

Who Can Have Orisa Aje Element?
The truth is that anybody body can have Orisa Aje element. Business owners, individual person, Religion organization such as churches or mosque, temples, shrine etc. Though in recent time most serial internet fraudsters do have Aje Element to aid their work (it is instructive to note that what you sow you will reap). But since Orisa Aje does not discriminate, anybody in any field or calling can have Orisa Aje element for their financial advancement in whatever they do. No age, ,race,color,religion or gender barrier in have Orisa Aje element.

Who can prepare a consecrated Orisa Aje Element?
Only a competent genuine Babalawo with sound knowledge of Odu Ifa and plant Identification will be able to prepare a genuine consecrated Orisa Aje Element. Most Orisa priest or priestess who claims to be offering such service to people or unsuspected member of the public may actually be committing fraud. But it is instructive to note that anybody who have access to this current documentation and have sense enough to read and understand it, will be able to consecrate a genuine Orisa Aje Element, this documentation will eliminate fraud on the part of any Awo who want to make Orisa Aje element for their client either now or in future.

Consecration Of Orisa Aje Element As Document By Babalawo Ojebode Ifaleke
The first step in consecration of Orisa Aje Element for a client, is that after the Babalawo in question would have collected the money for the whole service from the prospective client in question who is need of the consecrated Aje Element. He will tell the client to supply his/her name and name of his/her mother. For example Babalawo Ojebode Ifaleke Omo Ifayemisi ( Babalawo Ojebode Ifaleke son of Ifayemisi .

The Babalawo will then use Opele(Ifa divination chain) or Ikin(sacred Ifa nuts) to make Ifa consultation to ascertain the number of Eyo owo(cowries) Aje Olokun(sea shell) Owo irin (minted coins) ,number of pigeon and snail and bottle of gin the Eleda (destiny) of the person in question will take for the Orisa Aje to work with him or her.

It is instructive to note that this stage is usually very funny in the sense that, the consultation can pick a very few number of cowries or sea shell. With experience I have seen where the consultation will pick just four cowries and four sea shell and four coins for a client. Don’t bother yourself about the numbers. Whether it is plenty or small they are of equal strength ,value and validity.It is not about the numbers it is about the strength.
Consecration Proper
For consecration proper You will need the following:
Ewe Ela tutu(fresh leaves of Aclypha Wilkesiana)
Ewe Aje/sefunsefun tutu(Fresh leaves of Gloria Superba with scientific name Aerva lanata)
Ewe Akisan tutu( fresh leaves of Stachytapheta angustifolia/Trianthema portulacastrum)
Ewe olojongbodu tutu(fresh leaves of Solenostemon Monostachyus)
Ewe Sikirmini(fresh leaves of Latana Camara/Hibiscus surrattensis)
Ewe Atewogba tutu( fresh leaves of Impomea mauritenia)
Odidi agba Elede( A mature pig)
Ori oka(cobra head)
Ori Ere( Python head)
Okuruku ihunso Ofi
Oka baba lopo( Sorghum millets)

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