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Akwa Ibom State

The Beauty Of Akwa Ibom State (Video)

Akwa Ibom is really a blessed and awesomely amazing state, with many different culture, cuisine, fun spots and truly great people. We’re a ready location for work and play with highly motivated skilled and semi-skilled workforce and don’t forget, we ...

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Akwa Ibom State: PDP/GEJ Wins

Akwa Ibom State: 31LG RV- 1644481, AV 107470. Parties: AA – 1600, ACPN 443, AD-474, ADC-608, APA 384, APC- 58,411, CPP 412, OHP 192, KOWA 160, NCP 381, PDP 953,304, PPN 327,UDP 224,UPP 144, Tola valid votes- 1017064, RV 11487, ...

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INEC Announces Official Final Results for Akwa Ibom State, WIth PDP Victory

Akwa Ibom State The Independent National Election Commission (INEC) announced its official results of the presidential elections in Akwa Ibom State. The results show that President Goodluck Jonathan wins by a sizable margin in that State. APC = 58,411 PDP= ...

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