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Interesting quotes from Derrick Murray

Derrick Murray wrote: ‘Simply put, religion is about the study of someone else’s relationship with the divine, while spirituality is about one’s own personal experience with the divine! And just why I’m here, it’s my understanding that culture is the ...

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omo awo

Photo of the day: (Future omo Awo)

There are awos and there are ogberis, but the young man chose to be the former! The beautiful omo Awo doing his thing. The future of Ifa. Ifa a gbe yio se. Àṣẹ o See the full picture when you continue ...

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Awọ fẹ́lẹ́ bonú

Awọ fẹ́lẹ́ bonú Kò jẹ́ ká ríkùn aṣebi The thin skin over the belly Conceals the evil intention of wicked folks in their stomachs

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