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7 Ways To Raise A Child To Trust AND Respect You

Fear is an extrinsic inspiration. Meaning, it only makes the conduct you want when you’re available or they think they’ll get caught. The more space we give our children to act and feel naturally motivated by their own set of ...

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HEARTLESS: How Can A Parent Do This To Their Child? [Graphic PIc]

This is truly, madly underhandedness. This is barbaric.. The photograph was taken in a clinic where she’s getting treatment. What on earth did she do to merit this sort of treatment? Some guardian sha…

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Photos: Child Labour or Chilld Abuse ?

See another photos bellow. Let hear what you think about what you think this is in the comment box bellow.

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Shocking Video: House Keeper beats the hell out of a Baby

[KGVID width=”550″ height=”350″ downloadlink=”true”]https://ooduarere.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/11/child_abuse.mp4[/KGVID] Someone just  forwarded this, very disturbing video, please speak to your workers/maids relos as this is very Unacceptable. You plant a hidden camera and u get home and this is what you see God.( Been told she ...

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Child Abuse: A very young boy pictured hawking drinks in Lagos

Listed above are photos of a young boy, not over 6 years of age, pictured hawking drinks as early as 10 today in Lagos. Guess people need to make both ends meet to survive but sending a young child this young to the road ...

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