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Òpa òsùn

Òpa òsùn

Òpá òsùn is a deity, when ifa initiation wants to be performed, the Babaláwo must obtain it to perform the procedures of ifa, òpá òsùn is to call all the deities for what is being processed. Òpá òsùn is very ...

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Training of an Omo Awo-Ifa Apprentice in Nigeria at a glance

Training of an Omo Awo/Ifa Apprentice in Nigeria at a glance.

The 7 steps of training all would be Babalawo and Iyanifa must go through under the tutelage of an experienced and elder Awo are: Presentation to Opon Ifa and Itelopon. Learning how to perform Ebo Riru, Akunlebo, Ipese, Etutu, Ibori, ...

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Ifa initiation by Araba Awodiran Agboola 

What is Ífà Initiation?

ÍFÀ Initiation is a process of birth and rebirth into the world of Ifa.An initiate will become a new person entirely, he/she will have to drop some bad habits and activate another good one. It enable you to have close ...

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