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Ifa University: Why must palm oil be given to Esu and Ogun regularly?

Palm Oil. Why must palm oil be given to Esu and Ogun regularly? What are the medicinal properties of Palm Oil? Any Odu that mentions the power of palm oil? Thank you members!

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Ifa University: Does the number of eyes in the Ikin matter when it comes to Ifa?

If so how many eyes should Ikin of Ifa have? ikin Does it come from a different palm tree than the average palm nuts? How is the tree different if it is? How many ikin is required in Isefa (hand ...

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Check out Ifa University Online !

Ifa University is an educational organization for the study of Ifa cultures in the 21st Century. We regard Ifa as body of knowledge, including religious, artistic, philosophical, scientific, mathematical, and technological contents and practices. Our challenge at the Ifa University ...

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