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Ifá naa ki bayi wípé..

Ekaaro eyin eniyan mi, aojiire bi? Aku ise ana o Eledumare ninu aanu re yio fi ire gbogbo wa wari loni o Àse.Ifá yi gbawa niyanju wipe ki a bo ifá pelu obi meji ati agbebo adiye, ki a si ...

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Geomancy Is A Form Of Ifa!

The most outrageous and misleading statement about Ifa I yet have heard is that Ifa is part of some Arab culture, and that it is geomancy.

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Ifa University: What is the name of this drum?

In what part of Yorubaland is it found? Who plays the drum? When is the drum played? What are the figures carved on the sides? ~Moyo Okediji‎

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Ifa University: Opele, erindinlogun, yanrin tite, which one is most accurate in divination?

Ifa University   One of our contributing members Funmialore Oyebamïji ask the following: Opele, erindinlogun, yanrin tite, which one is most accurate in divination? what do you say ?

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Ifa University is an educational organization for the study of Ifa cultures in the 21st Century.

Ifa University We regard Ifa as body knowledge, including religious, artistic, philosophical, scientific, mathematical, and technological contents and practices. Our challenge at the Ifa University is this: what do we add to the study of Ifa as 21st century minds? ...

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Ifa University: Verses of Ifa ?

Greetings to Ifa University, 1. What are the name(s) of Ese Odu (verses of Ifa) that specifically talk about “Itefa?” For example its purpose, who should do it and why, according to the Ese odu. 2. If possible Please post ...

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IFA University Quiz for the day: Abọru boye ẹyin Awo.

Could you identify what these 2 items are? Where are they found? Describe some of the things these items could be used for in Iṣẹṣe? Kíni à nwò nínú àwọn àwòrán méjì yìí? Kínni wọ́n? Àti wípé níbo lati lè ...

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Ifa University: Does Ifa take honey as an offering?

Oyin Honey is another important ingredient but why? Does Ifa take honey as an offering? How is traditional honey different? Why is honey associated with Osun? Can someone give the true ancient translation of Oyinbo and how that name came ...

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Ifa University: Why must palm oil be given to Esu and Ogun regularly?

Palm Oil. Why must palm oil be given to Esu and Ogun regularly? What are the medicinal properties of Palm Oil? Any Odu that mentions the power of palm oil? Thank you members!

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Ifa University: Does the number of eyes in the Ikin matter when it comes to Ifa?

If so how many eyes should Ikin of Ifa have? ikin Does it come from a different palm tree than the average palm nuts? How is the tree different if it is? How many ikin is required in Isefa (hand ...

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