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Coding: The language kids can learn faster than Adults

Across the entire world, the conversion of information right into a digital format – also known as “digitalization” – has increased productivity in people and private sectors. Consequently, practically every country on the planet is working towards an electronic digital economy. As ...

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Photos: Funny Memes Of Children. # HappyChildrensDay

it’s children’s day!!! Funny memes of our lovely children… See more after the page break bellow.

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todays kids

Today’s kids are spoilt !

Today’s kids are so spoilt that they don’t know that in our days you could be beaten for any of the following reasons: 1. Crying after being beaten. 2. Not crying after being beaten 3. Crying without being beaten 4. ...

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What Is Wrong With This Photo? (Pupils Going down low version)

School children going “down low. ” An era remaining on shaky grounds has risen. It knows no right-no off-base. All that is, is what is, because  it thinks that is the thing that it is (or ought to be). Fixed ...

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