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Multipolar World

The World is shifting.

Two decades ago it would have been unthinkable that: Saudi Arabia would dump the US dollar and start trading in other currencies Nigeria under OBJ would deny the West of invading Niger that Yemeni would face head to head the ...

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Multipolar World

Sovereignists of all countries – unite!

[This analysis was written for the Unz Review] We all know that the Neocons are by far the largest and most influential group of sponsors of US wars of aggression. They are the ones who lobbied the hardest for the invasion ...

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YouTube to Censor “Controversial” Videos

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U.S flaunts military might, Test New ICBM

The rocket was headed toward a target area close to Kwajalein Atoll in the Marshall Islands of the South Pacific.  By western news organization, the US tested its second intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) in a week to flaunt military might ...

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Russia’s Commitment to Multi-Polar World Challenges US World wide Hegemon.

Russia’s strong determination to guard its national interests and promote a multi-polar world order has dealt a serious blow to Washington’s aspirations to rule the entire world, American publicist Mike Whitney noted.  Ekaterina Blinova — Russia’s determination to protect its national interests ...

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