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Multipolar World

The World is shifting.

Two decades ago it would have been unthinkable that:

  • Saudi Arabia would dump the US dollar and start trading in other currencies
  • Nigeria under OBJ would deny the West of invading Niger
  • that Yemeni would face head to head the UK and the US
  • that Russia would confront directly NATO in Ukraine
  • that BRICS would start working on de-dollarisation of their trade
  • that South Africa would bring Israel to the ICC to face justice against their crimes against the Palestinian people.
  • that US partners such as Turkey, Brazil, India would not go along sanctions against Russia.
  • that France would be kicked out from Africa.
  • that most of the World would stop buying US bond/US debt thus bringing the US Ponzi scheme close to an end.
  • that US would be defeated and humiliated by the Talibans
  • that Russia would stand firmly against the US in Syria
  • that Russia would have demilitarised (in ammunition) all NATO countries, Russia having a more important military industrial base/capacity than all NATO countries combined.
  • that the collective West would destroy their economies by sanctioning Russia.

The Global South is getting emboldened and knows the US is no more invincible, US allies are starting to hedge their bets as they realise they have been hostages by the US.

We need to look at long term trends and it seems irreversible, it is an era of Multipolar World. 2024-2025 will be defining moments of either confrontation or the mad dog, decadent, declining will try a last attempt to hold onto its hegemony.

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International political activist, public commentator, Political scientist and a law abiding citizen of Nigeria. Famous Quote ---> "AngloZionist Empire = Anglo America + Anglo Saxon + the Zionist Israel + All their Pamement Puppets (E.g all the countries in NATO,Saudi Arabia,Japan,Qatar..) +Temporary Puppets (E.g Boko haram, Deash, alQeda,ISIL,IS,...)"

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