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1 Of Top 10 Types of Ladies a Man mustn’t Date

1. ATHEIST: A lady who doesnt believe in any religion would never make a happy home regardless of the amount you both cherish one another, if an issue doesnt happen today on affection basis, it will without a doubt happen ...

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Check out list of Do’s & Don’ts on Healing & Forgiveness

Deep rooted learning is the act of any individual on the mission of wisdom. One of life’s hardest lessons is managing the numerous interpersonal damages that originate from a life of care. Furthermore, conquering the comparable intensity that we are ...

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Please help, Hubby Threatens to impregnate Another Woman just to Prove a Point

My hubby and I have been 2gether for as long as 8 yrs but then no Child. Am concerned yet he doesn’t appear to be concerned by any means, he said its GOD that gives children,of cos I knw that ...

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Please help me with my Girlfriend.

I’ve been with my gf for around 4mths now & separated from d typical bf/gf squabbles, its been all great. I sporadically pick her from work however she drives also. I’ve been into her office on 2 events however. She ...

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Is it wise enough to resign my oil and gas job & focus on my hubby’s biz?

My Hubby has just advised I resign my oil and gas job so I could concentrate on a small business he started years before we met and married. It’s our belief that each family should own one or more business of ...

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