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Ijapa ati aja

Ijapa ati Aja: The Dog With Two Ears

Ijapa (Mr. Tortoise) went and bought Aja (the Dog) in the market. Ijapa took Aja home. The following day, Ijapa put Aja on a leash, and told Aja, “Let’s go out.” Aja was surprised that he was put on a ...

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Oxyuranus microlepidotus

Do you think your vote counts?

“Ladies and gentlemen, mister honourable President,” the monkey whispers in his baritone voice into the mike. The large crowd of people fell totally quiet. The press reported there were at least one million party fanatics stuffed into the stadium built ...

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oju loro wa

Eye Contact: Ojú Lọ̀rọ́ Wa

“Prof, I read your posting on the woman who is unsure about whether to disclose the biological father of her daughter to the daughter,” the caller said on the phone.“You did?” I asked rhetorically.“Yes,” she continued. “I have a story ...

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Table: It can be a flat platform carved on top of a person’s head

I once visited a rich single lady living in a gorgeous house with the most amazing furniture. After we ate, I felt relaxed and we started a great conversation, with expensive wine served in elegantly shaped goblets. That was when ...

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An Elephant Or Ant

An Elephant Or Ant

Look to your weakness, because therein lies your strength. Where you are strongest is where you are weak. Focus not on your achievements Closely embrace your failures. Why are you weak in certain areas, yet strong in others? You are ...

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The story of Orí

Must See: The story of Orí, the Bodiless Head.

“Iya Oyo!” I hailed. “Baba Oyo told me this story about Orí, and it doesn’t make any sense to me whatsoever.” “What story?” she asked. “Is it from his Bible? There are lots of incredulous stories in that book of ...

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