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Ijapa ati aja

Ijapa ati Aja: The Dog With Two Ears

Ijapa (Mr. Tortoise) went and bought Aja (the Dog) in the market.

Ijapa took Aja home.

The following day, Ijapa put Aja on a leash, and told Aja, “Let’s go out.”

Aja was surprised that he was put on a leash.

He had never been put on a leash before.

Aja asked Ijapa, “Where are we going?”

Ijapa answered, “To the market.”

Aja was hopeful. He asked, “Are you going to return me to the market, and take off this leash?”

Ijapa answered, “Nope. I’m going to buy a knife.”

Aja was alarmed, saying, cautiously: “You are not going to kill me, are you?”

Ijapa responded, “Certainly not. I bought you. You are an important investment. I won’t kill my investment; that would be stupid of me.”

Aja was happy. “So, what will we do with the knife after we buy it?”

Ijapa responded, “I will cut off your ears.”

Aja was worried, and asked, “But why would you do that? It’s going to hurt.”

Ijapa answered, “Well, several reasons. First, I want to brand you, so I can easily recognize you among all other dogs. Second, it would teach you a lesson that I have a knife in the house and won’t hesitate to use it on you.”

Aja was relieved.

Ijapa bought the knife and hid it in the rafter, as Aja watched him.

The following day, Ijapa cut off Aja’s ears.

Aja, with the ears cut off, was in pain.

When Ijapa was sleeping, Aja carefully took the ladder and climbed into the rafter.

Aja removed the knife, went to the back of the house, dug a deep hole and buried the knife.

Aja heaved a sigh of relief, smiled and felt proud of himself.


Olodumare, dákun, save us from the fate of the Aja with two ears; we pray thee on bended knees.

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