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Sitrep Operation Z: Not your normal sitrep

By Amarynth for Ooduarere via the Saker Blog We abandon our usual format for a different take. How long can we stare into this carnage of killing without losing part of one’s own soul. https://t.me/mod_russia_en/1969 Missile troops and artillery have hit 128 ...

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Sitrep Operation Z: We’re going down

For Ooduarere via the Saker Blog by Saker Staff From Military Summary.  He discusses: Russian T62 tanks (old models being brought in and why?)As a result of joint action by People’s Militia of Donetsk People’s Republic and the Russian Armed ...

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Sitrep Operation Z: + consequences = petty Tabaquis howling

For Ooduarere via the Saker Blog by Saker Staff After the Russian forces took POPASNA, the pace increased. There are still battles, but the Russians are now rolling over everything else in the Donbas. The Ukrainians are being annihilated, more ...

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NATO vs Russia: what happens next

In Davos and beyond, NATO’s upbeat narrative plays like a broken record, while on the ground, Russia is stacking up wins that could sink the Atlantic order. By Pepe Escobar, posted with the author’s permission and crossposted with The Cradle. Three ...

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Russia Rewrites the Art of Hybrid War

Hybrid War is being fought predominantly in the economic/financial battleground – and the pain dial for the collective West will only go up. By Pepe Escobar, posted with the author’s permission and widely cross-posted.  The ironclad fictional “narrative” imposed all ...

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US troops smuggle 70 oil tankers out of Syria

US occupation forces have reportedly continued looting Syrian oil from the northern Al-Jazeera region of Syria’s Hasakah governate, as a US-military convoy of around 70 oil tankers made their way towards Iraq through the illegal Al-Waleed border crossing on 14 ...

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Sitrep Operation Z: Two very bad days for the Ukraine & The Big Refuse

For Ooduarere via the Saker Blog by Saker Staff This is too good not to be credited to Brian Berletic: The United States (and small collective west) is refusing to choose the option that makes sense. This option is coexistence ...

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Lloyd Austin Call Sergei Shoigu

Gonzalo Lira: Why Did Lloyd Austin Call Sergei Shoigu?

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Clash of Christianities: Why Europe cannot understand Russia

Western Europeans see the Orthodox and eastern Christians as satraps and a bunch of smugglers, while the Orthodox regard the Crusaders as barbarian usurpers bent on world conquest. By Pepe Escobar, posted with the Author’s permission and cross-posted with The Cradle ...

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Pepe Escobar and Danny Haiphong; Russia, China, and the Post-Dollar World

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