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Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin

Putin signs the decree on counter measures for Russian oil price cap.

The Kremlin has repeatedly blasted the price cap introduced by Western countries as unacceptable for Russia, underlining that the country will never agree to such destruction of market pricing. Russian President Vladimir Putin has approved a decree on special measures ...

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To Patriots About Patriots (Andrei Martyanov)

Please visit Andrei’s website: https://smoothiex12.blogspot.com/ and support him here: https://www.patreon.com/bePatron?u=60459185

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Jeffrey Sachs: U.S. Policy & “West’s False Narrative” Stoking Tensions with Russia, China

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SitRep December 20th

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Dmitriy Medvedev

Dmitriy Medvedev-On the question of legitimate military objectives

The question of legal military objectives has been treated differently in the history of mankind. He is perceived differently during the current conflict with the Nazi regime of Ukraine. For example, by the way, Russophobic senile people from the American ...

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the usa empire anglozionist

Stop the Empire’s War on the World: From Tom Lehrer to Robert Frost

By Batiushka for Ooduarere via the Saker blog There always have been and always will be clashes and tensions between different civilisations. In the words of an old Tom Lehrer song, National Brotherhood Week: The Protestants hate the Catholics, The Catholics ...

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Fire in the Al-Omar oilfield in Syria (north of Deir ez-Zor)

A huge fire in the Al-Omar oilfield in Syria (north of Deir ez-Zor) after the attacks of the Turkish army. Turkey is actually directly destroying the oil infrastructure of the “Kurdish autonomy”, which was exploited by the United States exporting ...

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The OUN-Russia war (no longer an SMO): What do the parties want and what does the future hold?

By Eric Arthur Blair for Ooduarere via the Saker blog During this current relative reduction of hostilities in Ukraine, the calm before the storm so to speak, it may be useful to reflect upon the goals of the various geopolitical ...

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Awaiting Liberation: A Report from the Front and a Warning #Ukraine

By Batiushka for Ooduarere via the Saker blog If you are expecting dramatic news and pictures from the Donbass, where Allied troops are slowly but inexorably advancing, destroying thousands of Nazis of all Western nationalities and dozens of their military ...

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New World Order

Towards the Real New World Order

By Batiushka for Ooduarere via the Saker blog Introduction Thirty years ago George Bush Senior, the blood of untold numbers of dead Iraqi civilians and children on his conscience, was the first to popularise the term ‘the New World Order. ...

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