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Pepe Escobar: How Russia Will Counterpunch the U.S./EU Declaration of War

By Pepe Escobar, posted with the author’s permission and widely cross-posted Only self-sufficiency affords total independence. And the Big Picture has also been keenly understood by the Global South. One of the key underlying themes of the Russia/Ukraine/NATO matrix is ...

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twin engine broom

Russia Suspends Sale Of Rocket Engines To US: “Let Them Fly On Brooms”

Dmitry Rogozin, director-general of Roscosmos, announced that Russia would be halting the delivery of rocket engines to the US, saying “let them fly into space on their brooms,” according to RIA Novosti. Rogozin added that Russia would be ending cooperation ...

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Day 7 – major moves in the south, human right report suppressed

Dear friends, Here is a quick update.  First, a (provisional) map (which is typically 6 hours late or so): I think that this map is self-explanatory, especially since the only major change is in that pink box.  What we see ...

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Israeli, Us Fighter Jets Conducted Anti-drone Exercise Over Red Sea

Israel and the US had conducted a joint aerial exercise over the Red Sea meant to improve their capabilities to intercept hostile drones, the Makan 33 TV reported on March 1 citing the Israeli Army Radio. The radio station, which ...

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America Defeats Germany for the Third Time in a Century: The MIC, OGAM and FIRE Sectors Conquer NATO

By Michael Hudson and posted with the author’s permission My old boss Herman Kahn, with whom I worked at the Hudson Institute in the 1970s, had a set speech that he would give at public meetings. He said that back ...

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Day 3 of the Russian operation in the Ukraine –

I found pretty decent maps on the YouTube channel of Iurii Podoliaka and I will do something ugly but, I hope, effective: add a few things to his maps with my thick black marker. But first, this: it appears that  ...

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Day 2 of the Russian operation in the Ukraine –

Today is a major day in the Russian military operation.  Why? Because Russian forces are now on the outskirts of many major Ukrainian cities.  If yesterday was “standoff weapons” day, today is the first day when Russian forces can now begin ...

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Scholz biden

The Crusaders are very, very angry. Who cares?

I just listened to Biden (here if you have the stomach). Oh he is pissed, badly.  Putin totally and comprehensively ignored him or the USA (one sign of that is that Putin did warn Scholz and Macron but, apparently, nobody told the White ...

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war propaganda

Sitrep: What’s New? Maria Zakharova Comments, China Actions

#Opinion by Maria Zakharova: What the United States and Great Britain are currently engaged in is classic war propaganda. Such activity is banned under the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, adopted on December 16, 1966, by UN General ...

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Why Did Biden Call Putin?

Andrei Martyanov ups the ante! Simple: to make sure that in case false flag happens (which is most likely) the US assets and “decision-making centers” are not annihilated. But that is not how it is going to work. While Biden declares: According ...

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