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Ẹ̀rìndínlógún !

Èjì Ogbè

Ogúnlénírinwó okọ́
Ọ̀tàlélégbèṛin àdá
Wọ́n dárí jọ
Wọ́n ń lọ bókè jagun
Òkè kò jẹ
Òkè kò mu
Òkè ni yíò ṣẹ́tẹ̀ gbogbo ajogun.

Twenty and four hundred hoes
Sixty and eighty hundred machetes
They conspired
And launched a war against Oke, the Hill
Oke does not eat
Oke does not drink
Oke will defeat the plot of all malevolent forces

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