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The cheats, liars, impersonators etc have no hiding place in Ifa/Orisa religion – Araba

Truth may be bitter but it must be said.
The cheats, liars, impersonators etc have no hiding place in Ifa/Orisa religion. Listen to this from Otua Rete;
B’oro ba ba ologbon omugo ni nda
Adifa fun Atankoko Ogberi
Ti ko gbofa ti ko gbo ‘yere ti o njehun ifa kiri
Atankoko Ogberi, Ifa tun fi o sun loju iran
If the wise is confronted with delicate issues, he/she may become foolish
Divine Message revealed to Atankoko Ogberi (uninitiated)
Who has no knowledge of Ifa and its poetry but he’s unscrupulously reaping the fruits he never sow.
Behold the fake priest, Ifa has exposed you in your own dream.
The story
The man, Atankoko Ogberi, never learn anything from his father, a proficient Babalawo, when the old man was alive. Immediately his father passed on, he inherited his opele(divining chain) and started parading himself as a Babalawo. His father’s clients and many people patronised him performing divination and initiation. He was making a lot of money until one day Orunmila appeared in his dream to warn him of the tragedy awaiting him. He got scared and consulted a true Babalawo who advised him to stop his fraudulent activities. He complied and started learning from the Babalawo. He became successful.
Fellow brothers and sisters in Orisa worship, age is no barrier to Ifa studies. Righteousness is always rewarded. It is tragic to be informed that many people who don’t have basic knowledge of Ifa are initiating people. Do you want to destroy their lives? Be warned that retribution shall catch up with you.
For the ignorants/uninitiates(ogberi), you are advised to look well and apply wisdom in dealings with Ifa Priests and priestesses /orisa priests and priestesses.
Those who have ears, let them hear.
Stay blessed.
From Araba of Oworonsoki Kingdom, Lagos Nigeria.

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