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Funke Akindele

Funke Akindele to portray Ifa as a helper, reliable and trustworthy in her films

This Yoruba popular actress and film maker decided this year that her films from now on will be portraying Ifa as a helper, reliable and trustworthy. She has shown it in her recent film, AYE O where three Babalawos show ...

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Ogbón tí a fi kó’lé

Kò tó yìí ta ó fi gbé’nú è The knowledge we apply to build house Is incomparable to the one we will use to live in it. ~Holy Odu Eji Ogbe. Connect to your root and experience the importance, love ...

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Ori Apere

Atete gbeni ju Orisa Ori atete niran Ori lokun Ori nide Ko si Orisa ti dani gbe leyin Ori eni Ori ni seni ta a fi dade owo Ori ni seni ta a fi tepa ileke woja Ori gbe mi ...

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True Or False !

They drain Africa They brainwash us They use the media against us They use politics to crumble our economies They disrespect us They call us a dependent race They leave us in invisible chains Yes the slavery never ended It ...

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esu is not satan

The story of Esu is endless. #EsuIsNotSatan

Listen to the quotation from Idin iwori as follows :- Esu Odara naa i ba ti la Awon akowo ebo ni o je ko ni laari Translation Esu Odara would also have prospered But the stealers of sacrificial money would ...

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Happy Oosala day to people across the globe.

May we have the blessings and goodness of it. Ase Edumare! Olokun asoro dayo, olokun ajeti aye, olokun iserin ade. All these are names of Orunmila. Now the question is. Is Orunmila same as Olokun? Is Olokun not an orisa ...

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ebo yoruba

Those who have EBO as their weapon has it all.

Ebo doesn’t only solve problems, but Ebo get deep to the cause of the tribulation and solve it from the scratch. Ifa is still listening to prayers like old days. Orunmila still bless like he used to. Esu still accept ...

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Arewa Asa Toni

    Taloye kogba eni ti o dara ju ninu awon osere meji yii ?

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Se eyin tunle di ibo fun Arakunrin yi lekeji ?

Beni abi be ko?    

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oruko kan

Oruko to dara fun awon agbo’finro won yiiii.

Eba wa fun awon olopa won yii ni oruko to dara

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