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Check out prices of goods and commodities in Naija!

Continuous increase in prices especially gari. Homemakers visit to Mile12 market in Lagos on Tuesday, saw a significant increase in the price of gari. A gari seller told our correspondent that the price will still increase because it is in March every year that cassava is always scarce. So the present price of N13,000 and N17,000 for Ijebu Gari is bound to witness increment in the next couple of weeks. If you are a lover of gari, this is the best time to buy enough.

Rice is on the high side too as 50kg of the short grains increased from N19, 000 to N24,000 while the long grains is N18,000. Palm oil price also has fallen from N24,000 to N15,000, cooking gas from N4,800 to N4,600 while Kerosine is now N1,200 per 5 litres keg. Hope to see more of these reductions next week.


Basket of Tomatoes                                N8, 000-N9, 000 A bag of Pepper

(Rodo)                                              N5, 000-N7, 000

A bag of Long pepper                                                  N6, 000 – N7000

A bag Onion (white)                             N18, 000 – N20, 000

A bag of Onion (Red)                                                   N15, 000- N18, 000

50kg of long grain Rice                              N18, 500

A derica of long grain Rice                 N320

50kg of short grain Rice.                       N23,000-N24,000

A derica of short grain Rice                 N400-N420

A crate of egg.                                           N1,100

A bag of Olotu beans                             N32,000

A bag of Oloyin                                        N15,000- N17,000

A bag of Yam Flour (Elubo)                N60, 000- N66,000

A bag of Gaari                                                                   N13, 000

A paint bucket                                                                  N650- N700

A bag of Ijebu Gaari                               N17,000

A paint bucket                                                                  N900

20 Litres  of Groundnut Oil                 N15, 500-N16000

10Litres                                                                                N6, 500-N 7000

25 Litres  of Palm Oil                              N15, 000

5Litres of Palm Oil                                   N2,800

Salt                                                                                         N80-N150

Noodles- 70g                                                                    N1500- N1800

Spagetti (1packet)                                   N190-N200

Macaroni(1packet)                               N180

Semovita (10kg)                                                              N2,700- N2, 900

Pampers (cartons of 8)                          N3, 400

Seasonings                                                                        N110 – N500

Tomatoe Paste (2,200g)                                                N1200-N1500

Tomatoe paste (Medium)                                          N550-N700

Tomatoe paste(small)                            N150-N350

Tomatoe sachet (a roll)                                                  N250 –N300

Pack of toilet roll (48pieces)                  N1800-N2, 300

A Satchet of milk                                                              N30-N50 A

Sachet of beverage                            N45-N50

Toothpaste                                                 N250-N270

5 Litres of Kerosine.                                 N1200 12.5kg.

Cooking gas                                                     N4, 600

Yam (1 tuber).                                           N300- N700

Ugwu Leaf (a bundle)                         N3, 500 – N4, 000

A dozen of tied Ugwu Leaf                N1,800,

Moin-Moin Leaf (a dozen)               N800,

1 pack- N100 Carton Titus ice Fish                              N19,000

1 Carton of Kote ice fish                                                N16,200

1 Carton of Sawa iced Fish                 N10, 000, 1Kg-N600

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