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Who is Elenini ?

Following my last post on “who is Elenini”, here is my own submission.  My senior sister, Olayinka Moussa described Elenini as antagonist. The President of International Council for Ifa Religion, Oloye(Prof). Idowu Odeyemi said, “not all critics are enemies, not ...

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Ifa, Itefa and Orisa

We often talk about Ifa and our tradition, leaving involuntarily some basic explanations about what we practice and to which we devote our lives. What is Ifa? Ifa is life, is the story of creation, of all that is animate ...

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Hoje neste Odu Ifá nos diz que nossas realizações são o que somos e o que pensamos. O que faz de um rei ser rei não é a sua coroa, mas sim as suas atitudes e as suas realizações. Nos ...

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