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turkish cow

Turkish Cow goes gaga: Moment A Cow Decided to Climb the Roof ! (Video)

The video shows precisely what the title recommends. “Crazy cow jumps to the roof, makes a hole and falls”. It’s mystery. Why would a Turkish Cow then need to jump down? Who can say? Is it true that it was a demonstration ...

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time bomb

Photos: Time bomb found in the toilet of an Air France flight

Air France flight (#AF463) with 459 travelers and 14 team was compelled to land today after a bomb was found in one of the toilets. Here are photographs of the tome bomb. Meanwhile, the evacuated travelers who are staying at ...

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Watch Raining Fire, Raining in opposite dirrection: Rocket Artillery in Action

One of the deadliest types of weaponry on the planet. Couple of things on the planet look as frightening as a battery of numerous rocket launchers unleashing its payload upon the unsuspecting enemy.

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Alaboyun bimo soju titi lonii niluu China

Arabirin oloyun yii lomo bere si ni mu lonii nigboro ilu China. Awon eniyan ti won lo ni won sare se iranlowo fun un. Won pe obirin noosi kan ti n be nitosi won, arabirin noosi naa si bo soju ...

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FB CEO, Mark Zuckerberg shares a Pic of himself changing daughter’s diapers

The Facebook CEO shared this new delightful photograph of his infant little girl Max on the changing table while he changes her diaper. He is plainly enjoying fatherhood

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See how the Tanzanians are celebrating their Independence Day?

Rather than praising,jumping up, dancing or having fun they cleared the entire nation. Today is the nation’s 54th Independence day and the new president Dr John Pombe Magufuli advised his kin to utilize the day to tidy up environment and ...

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Donald Trump Explodes, got 3 words for his critics

 Donald Trump has three words for those criticising his call to ban Muslims from entering the U.S. Taking after the influx of criticisms that welcomed his call for a complete ban on Muslims entering the United States, Donald Trump has reacted ...

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If that motherf**ker (Donald Trump) becomes president I’ll move my black ass to SA – Samuel L. Jackson

The actor made the comment during a comedy sketch on Jimmy Kimmel Live on yesterday. He said;  “If that motherf**ker becomes president I will move my black ass to South Africa.” His declaration was met with cheers from the crowd. ...

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Graphic video/Photos: Watch as doctors remove arrow from bowman’s hand

A youthful bowman endured a mishap when he slipped and shot himself in the wrist with an arrow. In the video, the arrow is first cut with a ring cutter then hauled out. Everything went well however yet there’s lots ...

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Top 10 Terrorist Organizations Operating In The US

Since the attacks on September eleventh, worldwide activities to stop terrorism have taken place around the globe, most remarkably in the Middle East. With so much consideration concentrated on one specific region, it is anything but difficult to overlook that ...

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