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MC Galaxy attacked at Shizzi’s studio by Davido & his driver

Sekem crooner MC Galaxy was attacked and badly injured on Wednesday night April 15th at producer Shizzi’s studio in Lekki.

As indicated by a reliable industry source, MC Galaxy, Davido (they have teamed up before) B-Red, Shizzi, Davido’s driver, a fellow named Lati and other HKN individuals were at Shizzi’s studio working and giggling when all of a sudden things turned appalling.

As per somebody who saw the beat down, inconvenience began after MC Galaxy told B-Red that he (Galaxy) was more prevalent than him (B-Red). B-Red didn’t concur and they did a back and forth. At that point a HKN Gang member, who is a Ghanaian artist, told MC Galaxy that he was not funny as a comedian. MC Galaxy answered, letting him know that he was an obscure artist, and they continued yabbing one another. They said out of the blue Davido turned out from the studio and requested that MC Galaxy to leave.

“David didn’t like that Galaxy was yabbing his boys and asked him to leave. Before Galaxy could react, David hit him on the back. Then his driver, Lati, took over, punching Galaxy and then hit him on the head with an Orijin bottle. B-Red didn’t touch Galaxy and Shizzi was very upset about what was happening in his studio and tried to stop the fight. Shizzi was really upset that Galaxy was attacked. If you see MC Galaxy’s eyes now”

I contacted MC Galaxy to confirm he was attacked and he confirmed it but didn’t want to talk much about the incident.
“Yes, I was attacked by Davido, his driver also broke a bottle on my head. Davido is someone I love and I am surprised he did this. His manager Kamal has called to apologize to me but I would rather not have this in the public.” he said


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