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Debt; The Modern day slavery.

I was just minding my business and I saw this on Reddit. The commentator seems to be making a lot of sense.

See what it says bellow in reply to the Debt Kenya owes.

This is the same issue with every country else and you know the funny thing ?

THe Debt $$$ is just being printed massively without anything backing the debt$$$ except war (Their lies was finally revealed in 2008 selling of fake CDOs that lead to stealing of over $2trillion worldwide which then marked the end of Capitalism, mere Ponzi pyramid Scheme. MMM like capitalism) They even sell this debts to other countries, changing the rules of IOU.

Now, a country’s wealth is determined by how much debt she owes. Such a failed economic system is on a time bomb just waiting patiently to explode then they borrow you another money again to pay debts (Like in the case of Greece and even the PIGS states i.e Portugal, Italy,Greece and SPain)..

This is only prolonging the lifespan of the empire and when everything comes crashing. It will be more deadlier than it is now. Such Economic policy the world is already tired of the Dollar hegemony and people are looking for ways to dedolarize. (BTC the savoir. At least any BTC you have access to the private keys is not DEBT)

I have come to just one conclusion, DEBT is nothing but the modern day slavery, to keep the masses poor and in check and always paying debt. So every dollar paper you see only represents DEBT (Slavery and blood of innocent people killed over the years of fighting endless war).

THe end of Anglzionist empire is even getting closer the moment the empire started weaponizing the only last line it has.(Dollar) It’s glaring that the empire mighty military cannot do anything over the years. So the only weapon left is the fed printing of massive dollar without anything backing it but war(Now the wars can no longer back it).

By saying war is not just by shooting war. We are talking of espionage, Economic war of sanction, information war, Psychological, 4th generation/Hybrid war, Proxy war(Like their boko haram, ISIS,Wahabi mujaideen temporary puppets) and the last, a direct shooting war.

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