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I Still Masturbate (Soapy) Even After I Got Married

Hello friends although this may sound strange to some person but it’s the truth.

I started masturbating when I was 15 and I did it until I grew up and I feel is better than having girls that will take all my time and money.

Fast forward I got a job and I pray to God to help stop this practice, another thought came to me that I should marry @ 27 so I can stop this act which I did and got married to a lovely wife.

At the first month I feel it will work not until one day my wife refuse me sex that made me to get angry I just pray to get to the office on time so I can help my self.

this was how it started and now I can’t remember the last I had sex with her. infact it took us 10 month before she could conceive and people thought she had problem but I know the cause.

please I need a matured advice as she have caught me severally doing it in the restroom and I was just ashamed of myself.

note i still watch porn but not much shaaa.

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