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Please Help, I’m Confused On Who To Choose

Hello Ooduareres, I wouldn’t want to bore you, So I’ll just go right to the point. I’ve been dating this man for sometime now (just date oo) but his mom knows about our relationship and his sisters too. He’s this type of mama’s boy and doesn’t want to work. He says he doesn’t like Nigeria and he’s looking forward to his visa to be ready. He’s dad is a white. He’s idle and depends upon me to foot the bills saying he’ll reward me when things go well for him. He isn’t prepared to work and this really is really pissing me off. However some body is gradually stealing my heart because he’s been doing things my bf doesn’t do for me personally, I’m so confused right now… Dunno who to choose
Need your advice please

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  1. Marry both of them together. What a man can do, a woman can do better


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