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Heaven knows the keys to my salvation

In Yoruba mythology, Orunmila is an Irunmola (Irunmole), and deity of destiny and prophecy. He is recognized as “ibi keji Olodumare” (second only to Olodumare (God)) and “eleri ipin” (witness to creation). Orunmila is also sometimes referred to as Ifa (“ee-FAH”), which is actually the embodiment of knowledge and wisdom and the highest form of divination practice among the Yoruba people.
In the Santeria / Lukumi diaspora, specifically in present-day Cuba, Orunmila is also known as Orula & Orunla. Although Orunmila is not actually Ifa, the close association exists, because he is the one who leads the priesthood of Ifa and it was Orunmila who carried Ifa (the wisdom of Olodumare) to Earth. Priests of Ifa are called babalawo (father of secrets) or Iyanifa (female Ifa priest).

Orunmila is regarded as a wise man or sage, it was Orunmila (meaning; only heaven knows the keys to my salvation Orun-ni-mi-Ela). His name is actually Ela also called Elasoode (Ela ties Ide on), while in heaven assisting Olodumare with the organization and creation of the universe, which because of his great assistance and vast wisdom/knowledge Olodumare sent Orunmila to Earth with Oduduwa to complete the creation and organization of the world, to make it habitable for humans. Source Jareking

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