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Ifa University: Traditionally is Oya a river diety or did she become that?

Oya! Earlier in discussions we talked about the ose(axe) of Sango having a female face that is Oya. So when we see the male face in the axe is the for Oya with Sango face? Traditionally is Oya a river diety or did she become that? Student here.

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  1. Sango and Oya commands the rains. I went to a panel discussion presented by Chief Papoola in the Fall of 2014 here in Brooklyn. The panel discussion discussed the female Orisas, Oya, Osun, atí Yemonja. He provided us with the Ifa stanza that supports the fact that Sango commands the rain, while Ogun has fire. You could imagine the feeling I had while sitting in the audience. Lol!!! I had no idea!!! I do not remember the Ifa Odu off the top of my head.

    However; there’s a story Chief Papoola presented about the story of Oya. Oya lived with Ogun. Her most wanted goal in life was to bare children. Ogun was a very busy Man. He worked everyday. He did not have time to spend with Oya. She wasn’t too thrilled about their relationship. She wasn’t too thrilled that she didn’t have her own children.

    One day Ogun sent Oya to the market to purchase items. She left and headed to the market. As she went to the market, she saw Sango. Sango was among his females and his entourage. Oya wasn’t too fond of the Women, but he liked Sango. There was something about Sango that she liked. Sangho also saw Oya at the market that day and declared to her that you will be my wife. Oya, of course didn’t readily admit her feelings for Sango.

    Oya returned to the house of Ogun. She thought about Sango for a few days. Oya decided to ask Ogun to return to the market being that it was market day. Ogun, without question permitted her to go to the market. Oya saw Sango at the market that day. She decided to leave Ogun and went home with Sango and his entourage.

    It was now a few days when Ogun realized that Oya has not returned to the market. Ogun was worried. He decided to seed Ifa’s wisdom regarding Oya’s whereabouts. Orunmila casted Odu for Ogun. The Odu described a strong man who has taken Oya as his wife. Ogun became extremely upset and stated that he will go after this man that has taken his wife. Ogun was prescribed an ebo (I do not remember at the moment as I type this story) ensuring his defeat over Sango. He decided not to do his ebo.

    Sango heard thorough his guards that a man named Ogun was coming to war with him. Sango too decided to ask Ifa about the dangers ahead in preparing to meet Ogun. Ifa described Ogun and the reason for arriving. Sango loved Oya very much. He wanted her to be his wife. The ebo for the Odu was prescribed and Sango completed it.

    Sango and Ogun meets and they began to fight. According, to this particular verse it stated for many days. Ogun lost the battle because he did not complete his ebo. However; he was so angered that he cursed Oya and said that she shall never have children. Sango and Oya were so compatible with one another. Despite the curse placed on her by Ogun she still loved him. But, Oya wasn’t completely satisfied with just being Sango’s favorite wife. The other wives has children with Sango and she helped take care of them.

    Oya decided to have Orunmila cast for her. Oya wanted to to know how to lift the curse Ogun placed on her. Ifa said that she must leave an offering of millet beer and a few other items by a tree at a certain time then the curse will be lifted.

    Orisa Oko was a hunter and had many wives. But, he wanted another wife. He consulted Ifa and it was said he should go to a tree and hide at the top of it and there he shall see his wife.

    The two went to the tree at the same time. Orisa Oko watched from the top of the tee as Oya arrived. However; Oya arrived as a water buffalo. Oya shape shifted and burried her skin in a nearby bush. There Oya met Orisa Oko for the first time. Orisa Oko said that he will keep Oya’s mystical powers a secret if Oya will take him as his wife. Oya remembered the consultation with Ifa. She then believed that Orisa Oko will help her lift the curse.As told by Ifa. Oya received her children and Orisa Oko received his wife.

    Orisa Oko’s wives weren’t too fond of her. There was something about her they knew was strange. They talked amongst themselves and wanted to know her deal. They mistreated Oya badly. After all Oya, was a junior wife. She was not the favorite wife in Orisa Oko’s household. But, she handled it. The wives talked amongst themselves and crafted a plan to find out Oya’s secret. They decided to have Orisa Oko adopted Brother get him drunk so he can reveal Oya’s secret. The only person that new of Oya’s secret was Orisa Oko’s Mother. She was upset that Orisa Oko told her Oya’s secret. She decided to keep the secret as well. Orisa Oko and his brother drank and he began to share the secret of Oya. He said that Oya is a shapeshifter and can change into a water buffalo. He even told the brother that Oya’s skin is located on the roof of the house. The brother told the wives and they became upset. They degraded Oya and belittled her name. Oya was away at the marketplace at the time the secret was revealed. Oya returned to the compound. She knew something was wrong. But, she kept quiet. The wives came to her and taunted her. They continued to belittle her and she stood and listened. She went on the roof and grabbed her skin and headed toward the forest. Oya returned charging as the water buffalo and killed everyone on the compound. She repaired to charge towards Orisa Oko. As she charged him, Esu appeared and told her not to kill Orisa Oko because he helped her bore children. Oya listened to Esu.

    Oya told Orisa Oko that she will leave because she was disrespected. She returned to Sango because he was the only Man that respected her.

    Here’s a movie about Oya and Sango via YouTube. Part 1 is currently uploaded. I suggest you subscribe to the channel so you can look out for part II:

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