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Question of the day: Is Ifa in you?

Anytime I wake up in the morning, I will hear a voice saying “what’s your duty on earth? How many people know about Ifa? What’s your responsibility in this world?” My responsibility is to make sure that the whole world know about Ifa and it’s message to mankind.

You don’t need to be born into Ifa before you can know Ifa. If Ifa is already in you, all you need is a good teacher to develop and put you through in the right path of Ifa.

Ifa doesn’t segregate nor discriminate, Ifa is universal. No matter your skin or the continent you are located it, Ifa doesn’t cast anyone out, Ifa is for all.

Ifa is not all about money. According to this Yoruba saying “money will finished at the end, the only thing that will remain is Omolúàbí” Though money is part of it but not everything.

Let Ifa grow in you. Give Ifa the chance to flourish in your life and receive support and blessing from Ifa and all the Orisa/Irunmole.

Ifa is the key to success, the key is with you and you shall open the door to success by the power of the deities. Ifa will perform a wonderful miracle that will make your enemies to use their mouth to scrub the ground in front of you. Ase ooo
Aboru Aboye…

~The World of Ifa

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