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esu is not satan

Èsù is not satan. ( Video) #EsuisnotSATAN2016

Esu, it’s not satan
Esu, it’s not satan
Esu, it’s not satan
Amig@S on Facebook, we are going to support this campaign, which has been driven by baba solágbadé pópóolá, Popoola Olorunimbe Adeoye and a lot of people in Nigeria, Africa.
So people, religious authorities and educational authorities, remove this image from his head and the writings of other religions have tried to instill in relation to the irunmole esu.

– Esu, is the intermediary between olodumare, the irunmoles and humans –
– Esu, through the ebo we open the paths to receive all the comings –
Below is a story that reinforces the earliest written, Holy Odu, Obara-Oddun:
Here is orunmila, who was to consult to see if will conquer the people of ile-Ife, as their subordinates.
The Babaláwos told him that I had to make ebo. I had to worship very well to esu.
The people of ile-Ife,’s plotting against orunmila, you’re taking his job. They were also to be found, to learn how to run orunmıla of its people. The Babaláwos, told them they had to perform ebo. They decided not to perform ebo.

Esu Odara, was also to be consulted as to whether with your help, orunmila is going to conquer the people of ile-Ife. The Babaláwòs told him that I had to make ebo: worship his okepori with 1 Goat, oti and food. The heard and performed ebo.
The people of ile-Ife, fixed the date for his encounter with orunmila.
Esu, went to talk to them and said, man, they want to confront is very powerful. They have to perform ebo, they firmly answered him not to.
Esu, went to see orunmila, said to him, the people with whom you’re going to confront is very powerful. You have to perform ebo. Orunmila, I listen and made ebo. Also, on that day, don’t carry guns, just takes your ide, irukere iruke e. Iruke in right hand and irukere in left hand.
Orunmila, I tell him, they’re going to carry weapons of fight. Esu, told him, don’t worry.
Esu, was to convince the people of ile-Ife, which first should have a meeting before the meeting.

Esu, I went to inform orunmıla.
When the day came and place agreed for the confrontation. Esu, has taken the place of the head of the house and told the people of ile-Ife, came the king. Everyone is dropped to the floor, in reverence, when they were paying moforibale. Orunmila, ascended to the throne.
When everybody got the view, saw sitting to orunmila, on the throne of the king.
Esu, said to them, as of this moment, you have to respect your king, which is orunmila.
That’s how orunmila, conquered people of ile-Ife, as their subordinates.
Orunmila, celebration, giving thanks to his babaláwòs, babaláwòs to ifá is ifá to olodumare.
As we can see in this story the way to work of esu, has nothing to do with Satan.
A sign of support for this December 24th, please paste this to your wall with the picture of “esu itsnot satan”. thank you in advance.
Aboru, Aboye…. Awo Ifá I know.


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