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Unspecified- is there fasting in IFA like Muslim does ?


Unspecified-please make it clear

Me -OK..

Goes thus √

The dishonest travelled for 20 years and failed to return
The dishonest travelling for 6 months and failed to return
Even the remnants of Inner truth is greater than a lie
This was divined for Baba Imale (muslim) with his flowing robes
They said when he reached the world he would be a liar all his life
He was advised to make sacrifice but refused to do so
Up until this day the Imale are still lying.
They claim that they are fasting on behalf of God every year.
So Esu got on their case one day.
He asked them: what is the basis of this claim that you are fasting for God annually?
Are you saying by this that God is dying?
Or that he is sad?
Don’t you realise that God is innate truth itself?
He said: Hen! You fast for Olorun, yet Olorun doesn’t die.
Edumare is never sick.
Olodumare is never sad.
Esu was forced to disperse them
Subsequently, all of them scattered
This is the song that Esu sang on that day: We never heard of the death of Olodumare!
Only the death of the Liars and the dishonest.

-Holy Odu Ogunda Bede

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  1. Adekunle Opeyemi

    Eni o Gbon ni awe n Gbo. Fasting in 2018, hmnmnmn. I like the part that Olodumare is not sick, so no need to fast for he/she. I still dont understand the ideology behind fasting.


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