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Check out what Ifa says on monogamy & polygamy In Òyèké Méjì.

“What does ifa say about monogamy and polygamy?
In Òyèké Méjì, Ifa says:
Òkan soso poro l’obirin dun mo l’owo oko
To bá di meji
A di ijogbon
Tó bá di meta
A di eta-itule
To bá di merin
Won a di nigbátí o rín mi, mo rín o
Tó bá di marun-un
Won a di pami-nku
Tó bá di mefa
Won a ni, kini ikin oko awon tie fo’re aya se?
Tó bá di meje
Won a ni e sare tete
Ki e lo pe onlaja wa……..
Only one wife is good for a man
When they become two
They turn to troublemakers
When they become three
They become home-breakers
When they become four
They create crises that “when you make jest of me, I’ll make jest of you back”
When they become five
They dare their husband to kill them if he can
When they become six
They retort that “why did their husband’s ifa say that it foresee the ire of another wife during consultation?”
When they become seven
People will go in search of peacemakers…….
It’s clear that ifa recognises both polygamy and monogamy but there is a big advice their that if a man wishes to live a trouble and problem free marital life. It is better to have only one wife.”
Aboru Aboye

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