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Odu and Obi cast for Ose Ifa today: Ogbe Yonu

Looking at the Odu and Obi cast for Ose Ifa today, “Ogbe Yonu”, I just have to declare that we shouldn’t mind what people say about us in as much as we have the support of the great delegate of Olodumare, Orunmila (Ifa). Just listen as follows :-

Aturuku odo lafi ngun elu
Agbalagba ona ni nge’jo si meji gberegede
Adifa fun Baba ti ntun ile onile se
Eyi ti Ajagunmale yoo ma wole de
Baba nbu mi l’ole
Iya nbu mi l’ole
Aya ti mofe nbu mi l’ole
Omo ti mobi nbu mi l’ole
Oro ko kanyin lowo eleda mi ni
Ase wa d’owo Ogbe oun Ogunda

Aged mortal is used to pound ‘elu’
Aged pathway can cut a snake to two sharply
Cast divination for the Father taking care of other households
But Ajagunmale(the heavenly priest) will keep watch of his own
My father thinks I am lazy
My mother says I am lazy
My wife thinks I am not serious
My children think I don’t stay with them
It is not all your fault, it is my destiny I am fulfilling
My authority is from Ogbe Ogunda.

Happy Ose Ifa today to you all.

Stay blessed.

From Araba of Oworonsoki land, Lagos Nigeria.

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