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Odu Ifa Ìrosùn Ìwòrì: Today’s Ifa service (Ìjósìn)

Ìtanijí by Babalawo Popoola Olorunimbe Adeoye
Odu Ifa: Ìrosùn Ìwòrì
Lesson: What are the promises of Olodumare to us and what are our own obligations to Ifa?
One of the ways to know our obligations to Ifa And the promises of Olodumare to us is through our Odu Ifa. Knowing more about our Odu, learning in it and to take note of it more.
Ifa said if we’ve been following the word of Ifa, no matter what is coming our way, we will always be one step ahead of it.
Offering Ebo and heeding to warnings are two most important thing in Ifa because the two works together.
Ifa said if “had I known” should end the matter of anyone that believes in Ifa, the person is not following the advice of Ifa.
Ìwúre : All what we’ve used our energy to acquire in the morning and afternoon, may we not lose it all at night. Ase!!!



Cc – Popoola Owomide Ifagbenusola

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