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Odu Ifa Owonrin Meji

Owonrin Meji: Cast for Ose Ifa

Sometimes your gentility is taken for stupidity but you should ignore them as revealed in the Odu, “Owonrin Meji”, cast for Ose Ifa today.

O gba mi leti mi o gba o san
O se mi ni’gbo mi o fo’hun
Edumare ni yoo bere ohun ti mo gba lowo re
Adifa fun Awonrinwon ti yoo ma se aye jeje
Awo jeje lawo Awonrinwon
Ti nse awo re ni ibere ibere
Nje ibere ni mo wa

You slapped my ears, I never slapped you back
You butted me with your head, I uttered not a word or reacted
Edumare(The Almighty) will query you as to what I took of you
Cast divination for Awonrinwon who would order his affairs peacefully
Awonrinwon is the Priest of peace
Who would conduct his spirituality in submission
Thus I bow myself in submissiveness

We don’t need any other scripture to teach us anything. Ifa has it all.

Happy Ose ifa today to you all.

Stay blessed

From Araba of Oworonsoki land Lagos Nigeria.

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